Monday, 25 September 2017

Main Stars - Wearable arts

This term we had to make a costume for wearable arts!
In my group was  James, Sam and me (of course).  
For wearable arts you had to choose a country's event the do and then make a costume for that event. 
Our group choose day of the dead, which is a mexican festival to celebrate the dead (people who have died)! 
On Monday night there is a show to allow us to show off our costumes for parents and family.  The person in the costume walks down the catwalk and shows the costume off and the others in your group will explain how we made the costume and a few facts about the festival. We will also have our costumes be judged by three judges on the side of the catwalk. I am also the person who is going to wear the costume!


  1. Hi Liam. I really like your costume, particularly your mask and your rubbish bag pants! What was your favourite part of your costume? If you could change one thing about your costume, what would it be?

  2. Hi Liam, I like your costume it is really interesting and you have done a really great job creating your costume. I think using the black rubbish bag for your pants was a great idea.


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