Monday, 2 July 2018

1st Post for Book Trash

Mr Wood got us to go with him so that he could get us a book each for us to read, the book he got me to read is called Trash, by andy mulligan.

The part I have read is about this boy who found a bag what had money and a key card in it then the cops show up and thats how far I have gotten

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Main Star ~ Act of Kindness

This term for main stars we had to do 5 Random acts of KINDNESS! I did this because it gave me one main star point! Here are the 5 Random acts of KINDNESS that i did!

  1. Made Tea for the family
  2. Helped Grandad make lunch
  3. Volunteered to do code club
  4. Made a cup of coffee for granny
  5. Took the scrap bin out

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Main Star ~ Home Learning

For this main star I had to do my homework every night of the term. I did maths, writing, and reading. For maths I did math buddy tasks that were set for me to do that week. For writing I had to read a story then put words where the blank spaces were. For reading I had to read a book for as long as I wanted to.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Main Star ~ Do a Job

For this main star I had to choose a job at home that I would stick to and do every week. I choose the job of feeding the cats each night! 

Every night I have to change the biscuits and water, I also give them half a tin of meat each as pudding. Their names are Sylvia Black one and Tabitha and they're both still kittens.

Main Star ~ Set a Goal and Achieve it

This term I set a goal! The goal was to get ready in the morning and be ready for school before Dad left. Even though I don't have any evidence to prove this I still managed to achieve my goal. I was only late one or two times!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Main Star ~ Comment on 8 People's blog's

For this I had to comment on 8 people's blog's and here are the comments!

Main Star ~ DLO

In maths we learnt about three by three multiplication. Thsis is quite simple when you get the hang of it. For this example I am using 154 and 279. the first step is to take the bottom number and then times it by the top number then you need to do that for all the top numbers. The next step is to go to the middle bottom number and then do what you did just before. Next step is to do the same to the bottom left number. Now add it up and that is the answer. I got 42966 and I was correct!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Main Star ~ Read 4x a week

This term for Main Stars I had to read 4x a week! I have been reading The Hippo at the End of the Hall. I loved reading this book because it was interesting to find out what would happen next. I would rate this book a 4.5 / 5 because there was no dust cover and the book got scratched and dented. (I got the hardcover instead of the paperback).

Image result for hippo at the end of the hall

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Main Star ~ Cross Country

For the cross country i did not do it because i kinked my neck at rugby and i didnt want to make it worse. But instead of doing cross country I vacuumed the room for student led conferences.

Main Star ~ Science fair

For the science fair me Griff and Richard Tested the soil. We followed step by step instructions that we found. Sady I have no photo for this.