Sunday, 16 September 2018

Main star ~ Produce a piece of art for the art exhibition

For this Main star we had to produce a piece of art, for the art exhibition. My Syndicate all did tie die t-shirt's. We could pick 1-3 colours of dye, for this I use purple, turquoise and yellow. I think my shirt came out great!

                                     (This Is My T-Shirt) 

Monday, 27 August 2018

Main Star ~ Do Five Random Acts of Kindness

For this main Star I had to do Five random acts of kindness the Five that I did are...

  1. Made a cup of tea for mum and dad. 
  2. Helped put my sisters shoes on.
  3. Tie up a child's shoelace.
  4. Closed sister and parents, bedroom curtains.
  5. Gave my parents a warm hug.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Main Star ~ Make a Senior Badge

For this main star I had to create a digital badge that could be used on our senior blogs. 
I didn't really get anything out of this because it doesn't give you a clear understanding of what you had to do, so this is what it looks like (for some reason it said you had to have a ninja on it as well, that's why there is a ninja's face on it).

Monday, 20 August 2018

Main Star ¬ Maths game

- Have 20 cards with maths questions on them. Must be suitable for year 2 people.

- One person stands at the front of the class and calls out the questions written on the cards.

- Students write down the answer on something.

- If they get it wrong, they're out of the game. If they get it right they move onto the next round of questions.

- Last player(s) standing wins.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Main Star ~ Book 👏 Review 👏

Title:  Timeless, Diego and the rangers of the Vastlantic

Author: Armand Baltazar

Publisher: Harper Colins 2017

This story is about Diego's journey and adventures while trying to save his Dad from the villain named Magnus.  

The story is set in an alternate dimension of our world, where technology has been replaced by a steampunk theme. At the beginning of the story, Diego's father who is an inventor with special powers has been kidnapped which leads his son Diago on a grand adventure to save him.

I enjoyed this book because of the artwork throughout it.  The story is action packed, science fiction adventure.  I would recommend this book to intermediate readers who enjoy action packed / fantasy books!

Image result for diego and the rangers of the vastlantic

Image result for diego and the rangers of the vastlantic
This is some artwork from the book itself!

Main Star ~ Plan a Dish of Food

For this Main Star, I had to design a dish that is under 20 dollars. I did Fish and rice, the total of that came to $7.90, which is quite cheap for a tasty dish of food.

Monday, 2 July 2018

1st Post for Book Trash

Mr Wood got us to go with him so that he could get us a book each for us to read, the book he got me to read is called Trash, by andy mulligan.

The part I have read is about this boy who found a bag what had money and a key card in it then the cops show up and thats how far I have gotten

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Main Star ~ Act of Kindness

This term for main stars we had to do 5 Random acts of KINDNESS! I did this because it gave me one main star point! Here are the 5 Random acts of KINDNESS that i did!

  1. Made Tea for the family
  2. Helped Grandad make lunch
  3. Volunteered to do code club
  4. Made a cup of coffee for granny
  5. Took the scrap bin out

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Main Star ~ Home Learning

For this main star I had to do my homework every night of the term. I did maths, writing, and reading. For maths I did math buddy tasks that were set for me to do that week. For writing I had to read a story then put words where the blank spaces were. For reading I had to read a book for as long as I wanted to.