Monday, 24 July 2017

Origami Heart

Step 1: Start with a square piece of origami paper with white side up. If you only have regular 8.5x11 paper, follow these instructions to make it into a square sheet.

 Step 2: Fold the paper in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner, then unfold.

 Step 3: Fold the left corner to the right corner, then unfold.

Step 4: Fold the top corner to the center.

Step 5: Fold the bottom corner to the top edge.

Step 6: Fold the bottom left and right edges to the center crease.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Reflection T2 W9

Here is a slide about my speech that I am doing . I choose to do my speech about Pokemon! 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Main Star Choose a goal and achieve it

My goal was to complete all my main stars for this term which I have completed. The easiest one was dress up for book character day.


The End...


Main Star Do all your maths

Here is proof that i have done all my maths for this term.

Main Star Do a job 4x a week

For this I had to choose a new job to do. I choose to take out the scrap bowl every night. Here is a photo of me going to take the scrap bowl out to our compost bin.

Main Star Read 4x a week

Here is proof that i read 4x a week this term.

Main Star Maths D.L.O (Digital Learning Object)