Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Week Four Day One Bonus Activity

We had to take a selfie of what we like to do. I took a selfie of me reading a book because I love reading books! A selfie is where you take a photo of yourself.

Week Four Day Two Activity One

For this activity we had to make our own rugby jersey here it is. I used google drawing to make it.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Week 4 Day 2 Bonus Activity

Image result for zumba
The Zumba
ba Image result for hip hop
Hip Hop
Image result for the tango
The Tango

Day 1 Week 4 Activity 2

I would spend 300 mill by putting 200 mill in the savings and spend 10 Mill on a mansion 25 mill on entertainment 15 mill on donations and 50 mill on saving the world

Day Four Week Three Activity One

If I went on an OE I would go to Japan...

I would love to go to Japan because they make some weird foods. Another reason I would love to go is because, the Nintendo company was made over there.
Image result for nintendoImage result for japan food

Activity One Day Five Week Three

When you go hiking you will need...

  1. A day pack to carry your stuff in.
  2. A spare change of clothes.
  3. Lots of liquid.
  4. walking/ hiking shoes.
  5. a first aid kit.
  6. food to keep you energy levels up.
  7. A tent (for what time you are doing it).

Monday, 15 January 2018

Week 3 Day 3 Activity 2

The clothes that they wore in the 1970's looked like someone was dressing up for a wedding. The worst part I didn't like of the man's outfit was the weird looking jeans, the part that looked weird on the lady's outfit was the shoes. I think the ladies wore there shoes everywhere including bed!
!Image result for men in the 1970